Sunday, 15 January 2012

Music Saves My Soul

Back again as promised although a day late, with my choice for this week's Music Saves My Soul over on Marcea's Crafting Corner. Well actually it's my third choice as YouTube have seen fit to remove the embed codes for some of my favourite songs - :0(

I have returned to one of my favourite singers at the moment - Christina Perri and Bang Bang Bang.

No video I'm afraid but great song all the same - sure we've all felt this at some time - LOL - sorry lads!!!

Hope you enjoy.
Denise xx


Heide said...

Love her "Jar of hearts" song. So far you are two for two for me! Great picks.

Mandy said...

Not heard this one,but like it...Loved "Jar of Hearts"..With a 16 year old who always has music on I should know most songs,but think after hearing things for the 100th time my brain switches
Mandy x

Jovita said...

Also a fan of "Jar of Hearts" and "A Thousand Years", haven't heard this one but love it, thanks for sharing.