Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Wow, I have just been tagged by the lovely princess kitten.  Now that's never happened to me before!!!

So, I have to share the following info and then pass the tag onto three more people, so here goes:-

3 names I am known by: Denise by most people, DeeDee by lovely (now sadly gone) Mum and Mum to my two now grown-up children.

3 places I have lived: St. Albans where I was born, Cheam where I did most of my growing up and Wallington, where I am now and have been for many years.

3 places I have worked: London - not for long 'cos I hated the travelling, Carshalton (St. Helier Hospital) my happiest times and Redhill, my last job (didn't like that one much either - far too stressful).

3 things I watch: Dr. Who (am sci-fi/fantasy mad), CSI - until Grissom left that is and Merlin.

3 things I love to eat: Am not a great foody so the answer has to be chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!!

I am passing this on to:-

Alison -
Vicky -
Lisa -

Off to let them know now.

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ike said...

Oooh Great - how do you do this.... just pick 3 people and stick the quezzies on it or do you have to put yourself first.?????